This year i have this one mission keeps running in my head, which is beach hunting. Even though pantai tu i dah pernah pergi, i akan repeat balik untuk masukkan dalam check list. So this time around i went for a short vacation with mum and dad to Pantai Teluk Cempedak.

The weather that day was hot and sunny. We arrived around 2pm, then i brought my lil brother for a walk and yeah of course we did it purposely in order to give mum and dad space for them to have a nice date. Hahaha.

 Nah, the view is superb i tell you.

You can see millions of big giant stones here and there. Thank god i didn't see any mermaid here. Luls.

Alrite, let me introduce you to my new photographer of the day. I think he has the talent to snap my photos according to what i imagined and it's perfect! I wish i could bring him to everywhere so that i can have a nice ootd picture everyday.

Oh, nice pictures won't come unless you bribe him with something good. And here we go...

Okay guys, this was his 2nd ice cream on that day. Can you see how he enjoyed that ice cream?

My squad for that trip. It looks like I'm the only one who's happy when it comes to selfie time. Never mind, say cheeeseeee!!!

The end of the trip. Now i'm gonna take a break from beach hunting as my skin is getting darker and so dry. Would you like to suggest me with anything? Huhuhu

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Today is 7th January 2019 already.

What are the things that you want to achieve on 2019?

Well this kind of things popped up in my mind today.

Mine would be:

Get salary increment.
Travel somewhere new.
Read more books.
Be more grateful.
Improve my fitness.
Keep a journal.
Start a business.
Save more money.
Pay debt.
Buy a car.
Get engaged.
Shop less.
Take a break from social media.
Practice a more Islamic way of life.

I guess that's all for now. Happy new year guys!


My phone was ringing. Oh! It's 7.30am already.

I woke up early today and realized that it's 2nd January 2019 already. I slept well last night and i felt so energetic. I made myself a cup of hot green tea with potato bread for breakfast while listening to 2 hours before off to work. 

' What gonna happen today?'

' Is my boss in a good mood today?'

I was on leave for the past 15 days and lots of things came up to my mind. I was so worried for thing that has not happened yet. It was totally a mess. 
The moment i dropped my handbag on my work desk, my boss was calling me for a short new year meeting.

" The first thing you must learn today is to have endurance to stand the pressure. Now second thing is i want you to learn about emotional maturity, it's about how well you deal with the pain. And the last thing is..."

While he was pouring a cup of hot tea on his table... He continued...

" you must organize your job. Utilize everything, planner, filling and notebook. This year i want you to aim for salary increment. It will be rewarded to staff who perform on June and December. I expect you to get your increment to the maximum level  based on your qualification. "

I walked out from his room and received three things from my boss this morning.
A planner, a notebook, and his trust


I'm a Johorean. Well to be exact, i'm a partially Johorean. I was born in Johor, and grown up in Pahang. Even though i don't know how to sing lagu negeri Johor, but i can eat well Tempe and Pisang Goreng with sambal kicap just like a local. Will that make me look like a better version of Johorean? Hey my IC clearly stated that i'm a Johorean okay? Lol! I sound desperate. 

My family has been staying in Pahang for about 18 years already. We don't really converse in Pahang ascent as mum was born in Melaka while me and my brothers were born in Johor. Everyone is trying to preserve their own uniqueness. So the only one left is dad. Yes, he's originally made in Pahang. You can see a stamp with Patin's logo on his face. Haha, joking!

18 years, i guess that's enough time to make the other half me as a Pahangite. Oh, this half me is better because i know how to sing lagu negeri Pahang and eat Gulai Tempoyak Patin, but not their ascent as we don't practice that at home.

I love food. And I like everything that has ikan Patin. I'm a good eater (and my dream is to become a JJCM host without getting fat). You name it anything with ikan Patin.

Gulai tempoyak ikan Patin.

Pais ikan Patin.

Ikan Patin bakar.

Sambal ikan Patin.

Gulai masam ikan Patin.

Ikan Patin goreng kunyit.

And... My favourite one is...


You can offer me an expensive meal from a fancy restaurant. I'll enjoy it. But when it comes to pekasam ikan patin... Sorry guys, you'll see how excited i am. It's just a simple lauk kampung, but i damn love it and can even eat 2 plates of rice with this. It makes me addicted and craving!

Forget about pasta!

Forget about Kyochon!

Forget about chicken dumplings!

And forget about Tony Romas!

Oh! Hate to admit this, but can you see a Patin's stamp on my face now? 


I got my motorbike license on 2010 and car license on 2017. Within these 9 years, i never received any traffic summon until one day i saw a piece of paper on my bike.

Well, it's from Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, which is my very first summon in my entire life. Gosh! I've tried to hide it from mum as i know she'll be asking me this and that until the day mum phoned me.

' Did you get summoned last week?'

' Err....' i was trying to lie, but then...

' I received a red letter with your name.'

I admit i did break a few rules before. 

I drove my dad's car over the speed limit but luckily i saw the AES symbol in the waze and managed to pass it without being caught.

I did simply parked my bike and cars if i couldn't find the parking. 

I even being caught by JPJ for two times too. The first time was i forgot to renew my motorbike's roadtax (it expired on June 2016 but i told the officer i thought the date was June 2017, how lame!). While the next round i drove my housemate from Putrajaya to The Mines but she didn't wear helmet that time. When the JPJ officer asked me, i told him that i picked my housemate from the nearby KTM station, because that's her first time coming to The Mines, i offered her a drive (actually i made up this story to avoid from summon and it worked eventually. Haha) 

I still remembered how the JPJ officer yelled at me, but everytime i was caught, i tried to talk to them nicely and convinced them i won't do that again next time. So that's how my license is still clear without any summon for 9 years.

I guess because i was damn confident and full of myself and i told many lies before, this summon from MBPJ was a big hit for me. Alrite sir, lesson learnt. 😣 Please don't put me into the jail.


It's been a year since i officially graduated from UPM. Every time when i saw the photos of myself went on stage with my robe to receive my cert of completion, couldn't get rid the excitement and joy till now. Time flies, memories might fade. So i decided to blog, so that i don't forget. 

I still remember the first day i came to UPM and registered myself for my bachelor in UPM Educational School. That was on 1st September 2013. 5 years from now. I was so excited yet nervous as i was the first one in my family who succeeded to pursue my study in one of the best top 5 Research University in Malaysia. I couldn't describe how mum and dad's feelings from their expressions that day. They were the most happiest parent that time. 

2019 will be my 6th years as a blogger. Along that period, if you follow my journey since my uni life, you'll know how much i struggled to keep me on track. The battle was pretty tough guys, i was in the midst of hardships for those 4 years. 

Mum was sick badly and paralysed, my house was flooded for 8 days, i did 3 part time jobs in one semester, being 1 out of 41 candidates to compete as student representative council during campus election, the horrible final year project things. I've blogged them from time to time. 

I couldn't imagine how i managed to go through everything and enjoyed myself (and i even blogged them) with those ups and down. It made me stronger for no reasons. 

I cried.

I laughed.

I got mad.

I felt so lonely.

I was depressed. 

I committed my student life without hesitate.  

My 4 years of uni life wasn't that horrible and terrible eventually. I learnt so many big things and experienced many nice memories as well. Besides, i'm so grateful to have real friends who always support me, appreciate me and love me like a family. Nah, big thanks to Luster Morgen, Kevin Ong, Nurul Asyikin Zabaruddin, and Syafiqah Razak for accepting me for who i am and of course they've seen me better more than anyone else did. 

We ate together, hung out together, went for crazy and weird things, we did fight and didn't talk to each other for days or weeks (and months even worst). Me and Luster everyday membawang about our boyfriends and we always tried our best to dress up like we both attending a fashion show to lecture.

We secretly hide Ekin's exotic pets (a baby snake and a tarantula guys) under my bed and Syafie got shocked and promised she'll kick both them (the snake and the tarantula) out if they managed to escape from the aquarium. 

Me and Syafie secretly  did our food business and cooked in my room using rice cooker, helping Kevin to support his politic events, came back a bit late from our midnight movie while the main gate had been closed then we decided to follow a secret pathway without being caught by the guards. And to be honest, we even messed with Putra Confession just to create a lame publicity for my blog. Hehee. 

Now everyone is busy with their new life. Some of my friends have passed the interview as government servants. Congratulate to them! I hardly got time to give em a call or whatsapp. But i'll always keep eyeing their current developments from instagram from time to time. 

After completed my Bachelor of Educational Studies (Guidance and Counseling), i was officially a 2017 UPM Alumni. Teeheeee! 


That day when i logged in into my CMS account, i realized that i've 12 days balance of annual leave. If i add on other public holidays including Christmas Eve and New Year, that would make me work only for 8 days for December. Wowww! What am i supposed to do with the other 24 days more? Then i started to ask all my friends, Erin, Iman, Ekin, Iylea..

' Hey, what you guys doing for this upcoming December? Let's go to somewhere nice.' 

And too bad none of them did reply me with good news. Semua cakap kerja. And they were so curious. How come my boss allowed me to have leaves? Yeah, surely they don't know i only took 1 day of MC and claimed 1 day for my replacement leave and yet i worked like somebody who owned the company. I don't blame them as i don't usually share my personal life in my social account just to look cool and.. Yes of course to avoid me look pathetic if i complain this and that. 

Since i got 23 days of leaves, i started to rearrange my life with a productive to-do-list as a normal person. 

I read books.

I fed and cuddled my cat.

I phone called my old friends.

I had a happening family gathering. 

I spent time for blogging. 

I went for food hunting.

I watched various types of TV shows.

I accompanied mum to her girlfriends meeting.

I planned for Azwan's birthday celebration.

I make time for myself, to see and appreciate all those tiny little things that i've neglected. To tell you guys honestly, i don't just neglected myself, i even neglected my family, my blog, my friendship, my health and so many other things. I was too focused with my career development. Thanks to Allah, I managed to achieve my target but i failed to be a good version of me like i used to be.  Sigh.

11 months of my working life was really tough and exhausted and i barely got time to even go for exercise sometimes. I haven't gone on blogging commitedly this year. What i did was just work-home-shopping mall. I took everythings and everyone for granted. So within this 23 days, i'm going to fully utilize them and allocate my precious times to do stuffs that i miss. I want to start my 2019 with being grateful. 



Hye foodie!

Masa pergi MAHA 2018 hari tu, kononnya target nak cari benda yang rare lah. So i pergi satu ice cream truck ni. Jeling -jeling menu yang dia orang display jap. They asked me for the order. I said,

' Erm, saya nak ice cream yang cantik. Give me anything'

' Bucket ice cream?'

And they gave me this! Fuhh, telan air liur tengok. Dah lah buy 1 free 1 ice cream cone. Mewah giler kan portion? Dengan ice cream dia, kacang, cereals, choc chips, siap ada gula-gula tik tak lagi. 

Size dia lagi besar dari tapak tangan i. Thank you Eyda Ice Cream! Craving satisfied! Rasa bucket dia macam kuîh bahulu. Tapi jujur ckp i tak suka sangat,manis. Haha 



Kulit muka i memang sejenis yang cepat kering, especially part hidung dengan tepi bibir. Banyak faktor dia actually, kurang minum air ke, 24 jam dalam aircond ke, terlalu kerap cuci muka. Jadi i memang wajib simpan skincare oil dari zaman sekolah.

So rahsia i untuk maintain muka i sentiasa lembab dan dalam masa yang sama dapat avoid skin breakout adalah dengan menggunakan Bio- Oil. Jadi setiap 2 hari i kan sapukan Bio-Oil ni dekat muka dan massage sebagai rutin. Since produk ni mengandungi campuran PurCellin oil which menjadikan Bio-Oil ni mudah meresap ke kulit, jadi kalau pakai bawak tidur tu bila bangun pagi muka langsung tak berminyak.

Ini bukan i buat paid review ke apa ye guys. Ini memang perkongsian daripada experience i yang merupakan pengguna setia Bio-Oil. Selain dapat reduce skin dryness, Bio-Oil ni pun dapat hilangkan scar tau. Contoh kalau i picit jerawat atau whitehead kat muka, mesti akan ada parut kecik. Jadi bila sapu Bio-Oil ni, in shaa Allah 2-3 hari scars tu hilang. Senangkan?

Dan paling best, Bio- Oil ni fungsi dia juga adalah membantu kita kurangkan tona kulit yang tak sekata. Tapi dia take time la dalam seminggu untuk nampak kesan. As for me, dengan 3 fungsi utama Bio-Oil ni iaitu dapat kurangkan masalah kulit kering, mengatasi bekas parut dan uneven skin tone, i memang sayang giler la dengan this skincare oil ni.

Okay, kat mana nak beli Bio-Oil ni? Boleh cari kat memana drug store macam Watson atau Guardian. Harga biasa adalah below RM40 untuk 60ml, tapi since Watson tengah sales ni why not korang pergi grab sebotol? Hari tu i beli masa sales dalam RM25 sahaja. So guys, selamat mencuba!



 Hello foodie!

I used to have friends that are fanatic to korean food. So guys, just in case if you've seen any korean food on my insta feeds and stories, that's not me okay. I tukang buat review je kat tempat-tempat macam tu. So this time, i nak buat review tentang Oiso Korean Food since Bella every Friday ajak i datang sini untuk lunch sampai i dah mual makan korean food. Lol.

Kenapa i boleh accept food dekat sini adalah pertama, everyday dia ada lunch promo yang come out with drinks atau ice cream. macam yang i ambil ni, nama menu dia adalah Stir-fried Saba Fish with Kimchi. So makanan dia memang serve panas-panas dan portion dia pun maigadd. Banyak giler untuk orang macam i. 

This one adalah Jajamyung yang kita selalu tengok orang korea makan dalam drama bersiri. Based on the look, memang nampak macam lekeh. Tapi bila dah makan, oh no. Memang sedap giler. Cuma dalam mee tu kosong siket tak banyak ayam atau seafood.

Another one yang i selalu order adalah Chicken BBQ set ni. Portion ayam dia memang banyak, dan pedas dia boleh tahan bhai. Rasa dia memang sedap lah, especially kimchi dia. I tak tahu nak desrcibe macam mana.

So overall harga set yang i makan ni semuanya below RM20. And the best thing is side dish dia iaitu Kimchi, sayur rebus dan taugeh adalah refillable. Main dish dia serve panas-panas with korean rice. Jadi i rasa affordable lah and makanan pun sedap semuanya. 

Jadi kalau nak grab makanan korea kat food panda, bolehlah cuba Oiso. =)

Thank you for reading.
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